High Quality Stainless Steel

Roda Specialty Steel distributes high quality stainless steel bar along with many other stainless steel products throughout the United States. Because of our available number of finishes, our range of stainless products can satisfy the most varied requirements.

Rodacciai S.p.A., our parent company, is one of the premier producers of stainless steel bar in Europe. Rodacciai produces round, hexagon, and square bar with high sulfur content and calcium treatment. Their own steel making process is designed to guarantee the highest quality stainless and is engineered to produce bars with superior free machining quality.

Featured Products

  • Cold Finish Bar

    "Roda PLus" free machining quality bar for consistent performance.
  • Cold Drawn Wire

    Quality Stainless Steel Wire. Mill order.
  • HRA&P Flat Bar

    Quality hot rolled "True Bar" highly suited for polishing.
  • Alloy Bar

    Mill order
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